How many more?

I don’t think that it is news to anyone that American gun laws need to change.

March for Our Lives was a student led demonstration in Washington DC, which highlighted the need for tighter gun laws and restrictions in the US in light of recent events that sadly seem to have become a recurring theme.

Being part of the 846 events run across the world, from Edinburgh, outside the US consulate, the protest gave light to the horrific reality of gun violence in America as we listened to the frightening statistics. Imagine, as a parent, knowing that gun related deaths are the THIRD leading cause of deaths for American children. Sending your kids to school, knowing that there is going to be time taken away from their learning day to practice ALICE (Alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate). These kids should be learning how to write essays and do algebra, and instead of focusing on building their education, it’s being destroyed by learning how survive a terrorist attack.

Scotland and America are obviously very different in terms of size and culture but there are certain things that don’t have to be so different. Something that still haunts Scotland today is the Dunblane School massacre, leaving 16 children and 1 teacher dead in 1996. After a petition, much campaigning and a change of government, the handgun ban was brought into effect in 1997. This “banned the private possession of all cartridge ammunition handguns, regardless of calibre.” SURELY the fact that there hasn’t been a mass shooting using a handgun since, says something???

Following the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, just over a month ago, leaving 17 dead, it was hard to hear accounts from the relatives of those whose lives were taken in Dunblane in 1996. One of the most touching was from a woman who had lost her sister during the tragedy, she recited a poem which she had written, bringing into account many different aspects that are associated with tragedy like this. How for some, it doesn’t even seem real as it is compressed into a 15 minute news story or even a page that you will scroll past and skim read on your phone. It really made us think about the experience that those who have lost are going through, when the story is adapted over and over again and those who have passed become a deceivingly familiar image in the eye of the public.

There are so many instances that America could look to for guidance across the world. Notably the massive changes made in the wake of the Port Arthur massacre of 1996 in Australia, the banning of semi-automatic and other military style weapons. And what would you know? No mass killings in the last 22 years.

It genuinely baffles me how those with the ability to make simple changes which would have the biggest effect AS PROVEN, are incapable of doing so. Yet, all the likes of Trump and co. can give back to these families who have suffered devastation are ‘thoughts and prayers’. How many more will it take?

It does not take a genius to recognise that something needs to be done.

3 thoughts on “How many more?

  1. Absolutely! It seems no matter how bad it gets no one high enough in power will even attempt to try to fix things. It’s so much at hand here that it’s not an easy fix and taking certain things away will still not change people. Good or bad we are who we are. It’s just going to take numbers in the good. Great post. I know all too well being afraid especially far as my kids going to school. What’s supposed to be a part of life and learning experience turned into a nightmare

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